Product Description

This is sold in reels of 5 meters (16.4 feet)

Our most versatile LED Strip just got better. We’re pleased to announce that all of our dimmable 5630 LED strip is now UL Listed! In addition, we’ve upgraded to the amazingly efficient Samsung 5630 diodes. Find out for yourself why we’re the supplier of choice for contractors, museums, restaurants, event organizers, government agencies, industrial builders and many more.

**Our 5630 LED lights are bright! And with high lumens comes high heat. They must be installed onto a heatsink of some sort, such as in any of our fixtures or onto aluminum/metal. Not doing this will void the warranty!

Dimmable & UL Listed 5630 LED Strip

Our EpiBright 5630 strip can be cranked up for some serious lighting power, or if subtlety is desired can be dimmed using one of our LED dimmers.

It’s no secret, anyone can go online and find cheap LED strip lights. There is no telling who they’re from and what the quality is. We made a decision not to be like other sellers. We put quality before quantity, to insure your lights will last their rated lifetime and not burn out prematurely. That’s why all of our strips come from a single trusted manufacturing partner, one who uses real Samsung LEDs rather than ones they say are real. With this confidence in mind, we offer a full 2 year warranty on our led strip lights.


Color Temperatures

  • Warm White (3000K): A warm white with a yellow tint. Similar to standard incandescent light bulbs.
  • Natural White (4000K): A soft white with a hint of warmth to it.
  • Cool White (6000K): A very sterile, pure white. Similar to fluorescent lights.

Specifications (Per 40″)

Input Voltage Lumens No. of LEDs Wattage Minimum CRI
12 VDC 1600 – 1800** 60 18 Watts (1.5 Amps) 80

** Based on rated output of Samsung LM561B 5630 LED diodes. Real world luminance may vary.


Power Requirements

Power Supply Size Supported Length
24 Watt / 2 Amp 2" – 40"
36 Watt / 3 Amp 41" – 86"
60 Watt / 5 Amp 57" – 145"
96 Watt / 8 Amp 146" – 232"