Product Description

LET THERE BE (dimmer) LIGHT! If you want to have the option of dimming your lights on demand from anywhere in your house (30 meter unobstructed range) then this RF wireless remote is for you. It makes our incredibly simple Plug n’ Light system suitable for just about any purpose. Let’s face it, not all our projects need the brightest light possible, and some of them are better with less. As Aristotle said, “Temperance is a mean with regard to pleasure.” Although he wasn’t talking about LED lighting at the time, we’re pretty sure he’d approve.

What’s that you ask? You want to add excitement to your lighting system? Not to worry, we’re here to fulfill all your lighting fantasies with 8 different modes. Turn your kitchen into a rave with strobe lights, or add some dynamic ambiance with a slow pulse. Whatever the occasion, this remote delivers. No need to have dedicated party lights when this remote will make yours do it all.

Product Features

  • Convenient LED Controller Kit
  • Ultra slim RF remote with Memory function
  • 8 optional dynamic modes and 10-level dimmer
  • Easy Plug n’ Play Connctors
  • No line of sight necessary, 30 meter range


  • Working voltage: 12v-24v
  • Output current: 12 amps (peak)
  • 8 Different Modes
  • 10 Brightness Levels
  • 10 Dynamic Mode Speeds

Package Includes

  • LED Controller
  • RF Remote Controller
  • User Guide