Product Description

This is sold in reels of 5 meters (16.4 feet)

Our Red + White selectable marine grade LED strip was designed specifically for environments where simplicity, reliability and utility are paramount. These strips feature 18 x Epistar diodes each foot encapsulated in an IP65 waterproof coating. They feature thick, full copper PCB for maximum energy transfer and straightforward wiring.

For added protection and aesthetics, these lights can be installed inside any of the fixtures we sell, which can be viewed here.

What’s included?

Each quantity unit you purchase will include the following:

  • Length of LED strip w/ 3M adhesive tape backing
  • 6″ wire pigtails soldered onto each individual LED strip

For example, if you purchase 3 x 4-inch sections, each will have a 6″ pigtail soldered onto it. If you purchase 1 x 12-inch section, it will have one 6″ pigtail soldered onto it.

Specifications (Per 12-Inches)

Input Voltage Current (White) Current (Red) Number of LEDs Color Temp (White) Nominal Width
12 Volts DC ~ 155 mA ~ 347 mA 9 Red + 9 White 4000K 0.44"

How bright are they?

In terms of quantification, each 4″ segment of strip will produce about 60 lumens per light selection (120 lumens combined). When properly mounted, one or two 4″ sections will provide adequate navigation light for a typical sailboat cockpit.

Red white led lights cockpit

Airplane cockpit utilizing red lighting

Why Red + White light?

Due to the structure of our eyes, red light does not affect night vision as greatly as white light. When sailors, pilots, outdoorsmen and others are engaged in nighttime activities, they often require supplementary illumination that does not disturb the eye’s natural adjustment to the dark. The primary way to do this is by using red light. At times when night vision is not critical, the white lights can be selected.

Can the strip be shortened?

Yes, the LED strip may be cut into 4″ intervals. For example, a one foot segment can be used as:

  • Three 4″ segments (3 pieces total)
  • One 4″ segment and one 8″ segment (2 pieces total)
  • One 12″ segment (1 piece)

Can the polarity be reversed?

No, these require a single (+) positive input and two (-) grounds. The reverse will not function properly.

How are they installed?

These LED strips include pre-soldered 6″ pigtails. They operate off of three simple connections:

  • 12 volt DC input
  • One ground wire each for red illumination and white illumination

Red/White LED strip SPDT wiring diagram

Red/White LED strip DPDT wiring diagram

When installing these lights simply wire a switch to ground the W- terminal for white light and the R- terminal for red light. You may wire the + terminal to be active all the time or only on command. This arrangement is used to minimize the number of fused power leads required. We offer sealed switches at discounted prices which may be purchased along with these.

Can they be daisy-chained?

Yes these can be connected end to end. By default we only solder wired pigtails on one end.