Product Description

When working in areas where space runs at a premium and recessing your lights is an option, our Recessed model is for you. By recessing this fixture you’ll achieve all the brightness our 5630 EpiBright strips are known for, without any obtrusive lighting fixtures to block vision or get damaged. These work great mounted in dash panels, inside storage compartments, trunks, auxiliary bins, camper shells or truck beds. Just be sure to purchase our waterproof model if you expect it will be exposed to water.

Each fixture is hand-built in the USA with twenty of our 5630 EpiBright LEDs packed every foot of strip. These housings are extruded using aluminum rated at a 99.9% purity, offering high strength and consistency.

Width: 3/4″
Height: 3/8″

Power Supply Size Supported Length
24 Watt / 2 Amp 2" – 32"
36 Watt / 3 Amp 2" – 48"
60 Watt / 5 Amp 2" – 80"
96 Watt / 8 Amp 2" – 128"

What’s in the box?

  • LED light fixture
  • Mounting Clips
  • Power Supply (Optional)
  • Control Switch (Optional)

Did you use these for something cool? We’d love to see it. Send us a photo of your finished project for use on the website, and we’ll send you a 10% discount code for your next order.