Orange County LED Distributor

Heraco Lights Wholesale and Drop-Shipping Programs

We currently have two programs for businesses interested in offering our LED products to their customers. The programs may be used in conjunction with one another, but pricing will be relative to the program which each sale falls under.

6 Reasons to Choose a US LED Supplier such as Heraco Lights

  1. Quick turnaround times
      • Most orders will arrive at you or your customer’s location within 5 days of order placement
  2. Dependability
      • We have an excellent track-record with our customers, and fully intend to keep it that way.
  3. Pre-Sale Support
      • Any of your questions will be handled by your dedicated salesperson. Their success quite literally depends on yours.
  4. Post-Sale Support
      • We won’t leave you or your customers high-and-dry after we make the sale. Whether it’s project advice, warranty work or returns, we’ll handle your needs fairly and in a timely manner.
  5. Simple and Fair Pricing Matrix
      • Our pricing metrics are straightforward and fair. Use our detailed documentation to compare costs and select the package that works best for your business.
  6. Any-Size Policy
      • Whether you have your own warehouse, or a private contractor or run a company out of your garage, we’ll support you as best we can.

Please click on the program you are interested in for more information:

1. LED Wholesale Program

Single orders consisting of 30 or more LED Fixtures (of any single or mixed lengths), you stock the product and ship to the customer.

2. LED Drop-Shipping Program

Product will be shipped from our warehouse directly to your customer.


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