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As a follow-up to our post on Heraco Lights @ Angels Stadium, here is an explanation of the system we used for quick and easy deployment of LED lights underneath the popular instant shelter canopy systems on the market (such as E-Z UP, Vista, Quick Shade, Caravan, Coleman and others).

2014 Harvest Crusade booth lighting

For anyone interested in the amount of light that these will produce, consider that a single 40″ fixture replaced a dual fluorescent tube fixture. So we did as much with 9 LED fixtures, as they previously did with 18 florescent tubes of the same length.

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The Heraco Lights parts we used for this project were:

The other parts used were:

The canopies we were using already had velcro sewed into the lower edge around the entire canopy. If yours doesn’t, you can either install some (by using sew-on velcro tape or adhesive even), or alternatively there are many other possible mounting option, such as zip-ties, etc.

Installation is very straight forward. We simply taped the adhesive backed velcro to the back of the LED fixtures to mount them to the canopies edge.

You’ll also want to mount the power supplies to the canopy (we used the corners). Based on the spacing between fixtures, you can use our Solderless DC Connectors to build extension cables between them. Alternatively, you can simply use our pre-made 2′ DC Extension Cables.

Canopy LED light systemIn this photo you can see our Corner LED fixture, with the power supply mounted in the corner.

For each three 40″ fixtures, you will require an 8 amp power supply. If you would like to use 12 volt Automotive or RV batteries instead, you won’t need a power supply.

What’s the final product?

LED canopy lights

Pure, unadulterated lumens

There really was no shortage of light for all of their booths (6 in total). The event was attended by over 116,000, and all-in-all it was an excellent test and pass for our light systems. The staff couldn’t stop thanking us for simplifying deployment and tear-down.

They told me countless stories of the hefty florescent bulbs shattering and causing issues during transportation. The new LED system on the other hand, fits into 3 shipping tubes and takes up a fraction of the power, space and manpower to  deploy as the previous setup.

If you need a canopy light system or have questions about our products, please contact us and we’ll help you to the best of our ability.

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