We have updated our line of LEDs along with their color temperatures. Click here to go to the new reference page.

What’s the difference between Warm White and Pure White LEDs?

Warm White has a slight yellowish tint to it, which is similar to incandescent light bulbs. Pure White in its’ true form is just as it sounds, a white with zero color tint.

Which is right for your project?

This is entirely personal preference. Both temperatures offer identical CRI’s (Color Rendering Index), so the decision is yours to make. As a hint, if you’re going for a vintage look, then usually Warm White is the temperature of choice. With that said, given the proper surroundings Warm White can give a modern touch to your project.

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What is Cool White?

Cool White is a color temperature which has a blue or even slight green tint to it. They tend not to reproduce colors very well (e.g. a lower CRI), and are often of generally lower quality (though there are of course exceptions). We have chosen not to currently stock them, though if you’d like to see differently, contact us and let us know.

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By: Jacob Wisdom