There are many factors which weigh into the quality of an LED strip. Generally, a low quality LED strip can be given away by wavelength inconsistency from diode to diode, which is recognizable by an obvious variation in color shade along the strip.

Additionally, many LED strips are made using low quality metals. For optimum energy transference, copper must be used throughout the LED strip. It’s also important to note that this copper should be thick enough to move power through the strip without over-heating diodes.

The build of the LED diodes themselves is paramount in judging the quality of LED strips. Unfortunately, distinguishing between diodes is nearly impossible for anyone not involved on the back-end of LED strip manufacture.

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An LED strip which appears to produce a large amount of light when you first power it on may quickly degrade to low levels within months or even weeks. It is for this very reason that sellers of cheap LED strip do not offer any type of warranty with their product. If you need functional LED strip for only a short period of time, then by all means there is cheaper product elsewhere on the internet. If you need something that will stand the test of time and continue shining bright for long periods of time, stick with reputable companies who are willing to backup their product with a warranty.

Heraco Lights offers a full 2 year warranty on our LED products. If at anytime you have an issue with yours, you can setup a return through your account, or contact us directly over the phone or via e-mail.

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By: Jacob Wisdom